Registration for Learning to Love when there are Political Differences

Have you wanted to learn how to love people with whom you disagree politically?  Have you wanted to be equipped to have fruitful Christ honoring conversations with people with whom you disagree politically?  

We are entering the heart of the political season and, as you are aware, we are living in a highly polarized political culture.  

To help us to be equipped to fruitfully address conflict, we are offering a Gospel Formation class called “Learning to Love When There Are Political Differences”  that will be led by Matt Esswein, Daniel Lynch and Marcel Weiland.

We will be using a curriculum called Political Talk developed by the Colossian Forum.  This class will not be about getting the “right” Christian position on issues or how to argue people into submission to your perspective. It will be about how to fruitfully engage conflict, love those with whom we disagree and also to be a better witness to the world.  Warning!  There will be people in the class with whom you disagree. It will be hard.  

We will use a workbook (Cost $25) that will involve some homework.  Each class session will include prayer, worship, teaching, prayer, interactive exercises and more prayer.  Each class session will be about 75 to 90 minutes in length.  The class will last 10 weeks running from 8/16 to 10/18.  It is limited to only 10 participants in addition to the leaders.  The small size is needed in order to be able to do the exercises. 

Use this form to reserve your spot.  First come, first serve.  Please call Matt (714-209-6345), Daniel (925-628-1837) or Marcel (916-247-9557) if you have any questions.

Since the church is not meeting in person, the class will be meeting online.

Here is a quote about the class material from the Colossian Forum website: 

Politics don’t have to divide us. Worship counteracts our temptation to treat others with contempt. It helps us see them as someone with a story, made in God’s image, just like us. With Political Talk, you’ll learn to navigate political disagreements with fellow Christians in positive, redemptive ways. 

- Use this form to register and pay the materials fee
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