Registration for The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis (Thursday on site)

After the resurrection, when Jesus used Scripture to explain who he was and why he came, where did he start? In the Old Testament. This is where The Promised One begins to look for Christ, finding him in the people, promises, and patterns of the Old Testament Scriptures. Usually we don’t turn to the Old Testament to see Jesus, but Jesus himself made it clear that we can search the Old Testament Scriptures and find him there (John 5:39). This study is designed to help you look into the wonder of the first book of the Old Testament—Genesis—and see how it points to Christ. It is Jesus we are going to see as we study Genesis together.

Book: The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis - by Nancy Guthrie (provided as part of your registration)

Begins: Thursday, September 15th
Ends: Thursday, November 17th
Where: Chapel
Time:  6:30pm-8pm

No childcare.

Contact: Dana Anderson at (636) 212-1122 or

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